Is Maruti Swift available in black color? 2015-08-12. 3 ) can we add height adjustable seat as VXI ? What is the price of Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta? What is the power of Maruti Suzuki Swift? I have Maruti 800 and I have to drive frequently on highway, I need some suggestions to drive safe on highway. Pratik Chaudhari    Nagendra Rao Gandrajupalli    How speedy and fast is the Maruti Suzuki Swift? Was this required? Your reply to the question is going to benefit hundreds to make a buying decision! Is LPG or CNG versions available of Maruti Suzuki Swift in India? 2015-04-11. Is there a way to switch off the SRS airbag in my Maruti Suzuki Swift? 2017-03-10. 6.16 lacs while the dealer is quoting Rs. What is the fuel tank capacity of Maruti Suzuki Swift? 2017-01-12. 2015-12-09. 2016-25-08. Is the automatic transmission available in Swift? 2016-19-02. I have purchased Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi (O) but there is no ABS badge on it, why? I want to buy a car in the price range of 8-10 lakhs, please suggest? 2014-23-10, Manikandan Sithivinayakam    4.50 Lakhs (Ex. Celerio VXi manual. Which engine oil grade should I use in my Maruti Swift DZire VDi 2011 model? The on-road price of VXi variant is around Rs. I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. B c das    In November, Maruti Suzuki had announced that it will add ABS and airbags in the Swift and Dzire, but the dealers have no information about this. Is The VXI Variant Of 2020 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol Worth Buying? How can I buy Maruti Swift at Jabalpur? In the powertrain department, the New Maruti Suzuki Swift gets 82 bhp Petrol engine, whereas the Maruti Suzuki Celerio comes in 67 bhp Petrol engine and 58 bhp Petrol+CNG engine. 2016-26-01. Unable to manage phone calls using steering mounted controls on Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi 2018? Which variant of Maruti Suzuki Swift should I buy among VXi, VDi and LDi? 6.19 lakh, which is Rs. What will be the changes in new model? 2017-26-03. FRANCIS    2015-14-11. Which engine oil is best for Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol? Answer Save. Abdul Rafiq    2016-31-12. 2016-08-09. santosh    Which is better selection? Why I am unable to turn the key in the ignition of my Suzuki Swift? Balwant Singh    2014-20-06. 2016-04-12, My 2009 model Maruti Swift vibrates when starts and makes noise and runs like out of petrol. Which engine oil should I use for my Swift DZire VDi? 2015-12-06. How much distance can be covered on full tank (42 liters) of Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi? Krishna Adari    How to make a choice from the many variants of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Hello Sir, I am from Mumbai. What is the full forms of LDi, LXi, VXi, VDi, ZDi etc? 2015-01-11. What is the dimension of Maruti Suzuki Swift? I am confused to buy a car among Hyundai Elite i20, Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, please suggest. ROHIT R KRISHNAN    2019-17-07. 2016-21-12. Heard about swift limited edition. I have decided to exchange the old 2009 Alto LXi with Swift Dzire ZXi. VXi is a higher variant than LXi, hence apart from the features already available on the LXi, it gets many additional features like: central locking, speed sensing door lock, height adjustable driver seat, rear seat headrest, adjustable headrest (front), power windows, electrically adjustable ORVMs, turn indicators on ORVMs, music system, steering mounted controls etc. How key can be withdrawn from Maruti Suzuki Swift if it gets locked inside? How can I select “total distance” in Maruti Suzuki Swift instead of daily kms? Which car is best to buy.Alto lxi or Swift vxi? What is the effect of the launch of new model of Maruti Swift on older model’s resale value, spare parts etc. 2014-25-03. abhimanyu yadav    Vivek Raju    47,000 and it costs Rs. Paakeja    Bhosle Ramdas    Sonu raj    Whether the mileage of Swift ZDi is lesser than other variants of Maruti Swift? What is the minimum downpayent for the Suzuki Swift VDi and also the minimum EMI? Please give me a solution what should I do? Which engine oil is suitable for Swift VDi in Delhi weather conditions? Thanks for reporting this. 2015-31-07. 2016-26-10. Swift LXi vs Swift VXi Comparison Overview They did, but I am still facing problem while shifting gear from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Do you have a automatic version in this model. 2015-02-07. You have not mentioned which city you are from. Whats the difference between Swift LDi and VDi, sanjay R Patil    What are the price of all variants of Swift? Nothing but interior and creature comforts. I want to buy Maruti Swift, should I buy VDi or ZDi variant? Mahantesh    2016-13-11. What is the top speed of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Engine, exterior etc. Manali padhi    shubham    I want to purchase Maruti Suzuki Swift at low EMI and zero down-payment, is it possible? If not, then why? Here are some tips. Build quality as well. Then my friend suggest why not look for Swift LXI variant and hence the confusion. They are 1. Rajeev Kumar    2015-05-04. The model of my car is 03/2007 and its registeration number is DL-5CD-3826. What is the downpayment for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga diesel? How much would be the cost of new insurance for Maruti Swift? Asked by Wiki User. 2017-17-07. How is the fuel economy…, Vxi is the top model for petrol and lxi is the 2nd top model the difference that you get is in cosmetics of the vehicle, Major differences r vxi comes with 1. Can I change the dual color of my Maruti Suzuki Swift and install reverse camera? 2015-02-07. Wagon R Vs New Swift – Which has a Better Engine Efficiency? VXI has body colored bumpers and door rear view mirrors and power windows and central locking. I am confused to choose between Baleno Delta CVT and Swift AMT, I mostly drive in city, please advice which one would be a better buy? For more details you can refer the below two links, Better variant is vXI and TATA is the best brand for India, Read brochure from dealer, don't ask such questions. The chassis number of my 2006 Swift has damaged, now how can I find it? we can convert a LXI into a VXI with more options than d swift given Alwyz swift is the best car for Indians under 8lcs INR. Ajish Antony    Shashwat Mathan    2015-12-01. 2017-15-07. 2016-20-08. abhilash    2017-12-09. Is it a good car to purchase? 2015-20-11. All four power windows2. If not, VXI (Petrol) is the best choice. Srinivas raju    What are the accessories provided with Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi? Which grade engine oil is recommended for the petrol model of Maruti Suzuki Baleno? Renault Triber and Maruti Swift ex-showroom prices are Rs 5.99 Lakh for RXT (Petrol) and Rs.6.14 Lakh for VXI (Petrol). Sampuran    Q. NAGENDRA K    Basic in petrol and Fully Loaded in petrol. Regi Thomas    My dears please suggest me better option between Swift LXI and ford Figo, I m so confused about both cars . 2017-18-03. The differences between VXI and LXI are just some cosmetic differences. lalit vaid    Which oil should I ask the mechanic to use? Build quality as well. Rakesh Kumar    What is the downpayment that I would need to make and how will I calculate the EMI for three years? So many difference in electric mirrors and etc, Lxi is base model vxi is having good features, Vxi if you are ready to spend a little extra. What are minimum EMI and Down Payment options of Maruti Suzuki Swift? For example, the Fiat 1100 Millicento refers to the engine’s cubic centimeter or the Rolls-Royce 20 hp gives a nod to the engine power.Even cars manufactured in the 60’s and 70’s had much easier names. 2015-17-10. 2017-09-11. What is the wear and tear limit of the front brake disc pads? It will also have a better resale value than the LXi. If not which model has automatic, Sunny Mathews    2017-13-11. Overall the condition of the car is pretty good. LXI is Petrol variant lower segment VXI is higher with more features... Lxi is base variant and vxi is one step above as its second modelThe only difference is some features, Swift lxi vxi don’t have much features,Better to go with zxi plus, Not a lot of differences but a Long time you can bye vxi Maruti, All 4 powers windowsspeed sencing door lockhight adjustable Can I get images of the Maruti Swift LXi in all available colors? Ritesh yadav    Saifuddin siddiqui    2015-08-08. 2016-06-09. -0001-30-11. Please advise. The model names Lxi, VXI and Zxi are all Swift models in the petrol engine. 2016-19-11. 2010-10-20 08:48:36 2010-10-20 08:48:36. Mileage for maruti swift petrol and mileage for wagon R lxi? My main purpose is to go for weekend trips. I bought 2016 Maruti Swift VXi on 25th of Feb 2016. I feel that the power output of VDi is more than what VXi offers and also feel the need to continuously change gears between 40kmph to 80kmph speed. Normal equation is if your monthly usage is greater than 1500 KM in a month, you can go for VDI. Does Swift ZXI variant have alloy wheels? Q. 2016-10-09. Engine. Why does the throttle pedal of my Suzuki Swift become hard after driving for a while? When I start my Swift Dzire early morning huge white smoke comes out from exhaust pipe, could you please tell me what is the reason? Suganya    2015-07-08, jose george    Jamsheed khan    2015-05-10. For this, we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better people to assist you. My wishes are Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10? Please share details with the break up. Both of them are good cars to begin with. jomon thomas    Which car is better to buy between Swift VXi (O) and DZire VXi (O)? Gaurukh    L K Varshney    Hari Krishnen B S    Maruti Swift Vxi, Vdi Vs Zxi, Zdi as Best Value Buy. Is it right to buy Maruti Swift now or wait for the new facelift model? You can click on the following link to see the details of In my swift when I turn the car to the right, the steering feels hard to operate and turn left automatically. Can I buy a new Alto 800 car with a budget of Rs. 2017-10-07. Which car would be better for me between Maruti Vitara Brezza and Maruti Baleno hatchback? Sagrika    Please send address of maruti cars showroom near dombivli -east preferbly kalyan, Sandeep    Aniket Bachal    Swift VXI will be netter option as itt has all comfort and convenience features. p k gupta    What is the official service cost for a Maruti Swift Diesel that has run 60,000kms? What is onroad price of Maruti Suzuki Swift in India? 2015-12-02. What is the acceleration of Maruti Suzuki Swift? I drove my Maruti Suzuki Swift 30 kms with half clutch pressed, after some time I smelt a burning odour , I want to ask, do I need to change the clutch plate of my car? VJ. Ranajitsingh Shinde    The LXi is basic and VXi is a top end model. Singanallur Venkataseshan Shankar    Compare New Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI AGS BS IV Vs New Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI AGS BS IV to know which is better. 2018-02-02. Koteswararao    It is Lxi with additional features. Harivansh    2019-24-02. What is the coolant capacity of Tata Nano? Vinod Kumar    My chassis number is MA3FKEB1300231696 and engine no is D13A1008740. I am confused to choose between DZire and VDI and ZDI variants, is there any difference between safety features of both variants? alpesh chavda    Here are some tips.... Buying a good car cover can protect your car from paint fade, scratches and bird droppings. Maruti Suzuki Swift 2019 Bs6 LXi v/s VXI comparison Review interior and exterior features and price - Duration: 16:00. Electrically adjustable ORVM 5. Does Maruti Suzuki DZire VXi come with Remote Keyless Entry System? Maruti Swift or Hyundai Grand i10 in petrol? Swift Zxi - costs around 80,000 more than Swift Vxi. I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. 2016-18-12. Go for the top end as it will have more features. I watched the Baleno review on Autoportal and found it to be positive. 2016-16-10. Q. Top Answer . 2018-01-01. 2015-03-09. It'll appear post moderation on the site. I reckon it dosen't has a vast difference.lxi is a base variant and vxi is a middle variant. Lxi is basic version and the ex-showroom price will be Rs 5 lakhs. What is the difference between ZXI AMT and ZXI+ manual? The vxi comes with front and rear power windows, body coloured orvms, music player, speakers, floor mats etc. 2015-13-04. Does Maruti Suzuki Swift has power windows? I want to buy a car and confused between Swift and Figo. 2015-08-04. 2017-11-03. Buy lxi and installed acessories in open market at a very cheap rate and by this you can save more than 75k...... Those models are almost same. Please let me know your revised rates. 6.25 lacs. where as the lxi is the base model without these features.But, you do get power steering and AC in both versions. 2017-21-06. I prefer to have automatic version. 8 lakhs. Is the 5W-40 oil grade is best for Maruti Suzuki DZire diesel model? I bought a Red Color Swift VXi in 2007 But Sold It Off In 2008 & Bought White Swift VDI.. Snsingh    I have bought Maruit Suzuki Swift but I am not satisfied with its pickup, will it improve after servicing? Engine. Lxi base vxi middle zxi top end.cost is different.engine is same.. Wheel size power window airbag steering keys.etc.. Engine specs and dimensions are same. What is the difference between Swift VDi and ZDi? Why is the average of my Swift not as promised by the manufacturer? Even though his running would be hardly around 1000 kms a month , FE is one of the criteria which he is concerned about. sunil pawar    What does VXi stands for in Maruti Suzuki Swift? 2016-20-01. RAJU PATEL    6 lakhs. Saramma    Please let me know what to do. Abhijit    2017-31-05. 6 lakhs, my preferences are 1.2 liter engine, ABS, airbags, pickup, low maintenance cost and mileage? True? Answer. Q. I am confused to choose between Ertiga VXi CNG and ZXi variants, I will use the car mostly on the weekends for family trips and very rarely on weekdays. What's the Swift Dzire CSD price list and its availability in Gorakpur and Varanasi? 2014-24-08. Devendra    - Swift? Swift VXi is anyday better in terms of features & price.. Rashmi Dattaprasad Kulkarni    Any automatic model available in maruti suzuki swift class? My budget is 11-12 lakhs and my monthly running is around 1500-2000 kms. Naveen | 2 years ago. 2015-01-08. Which is best, Petrol or diesel in Swift? 2017-06-06. Narendra Meghwal    2017-16-02. 2016-09-08. What is the difference between VXi and VDi except fuel - Swift? Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. What is the mileage of Maruti Suzuki Swift (petrol)? Features difference only. I have a budget of Rs. I am confused whether to buy Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire or Baleno, please suggest. Lv 6. Which petrol car among Elite i20, Toyota Etios Liva and Volkswagen Polo would be best considering power, mileage and maintenance? 2017-16-06. Sabrang    2 ) can we add VXI steering wheel for LXI trim? Check at Ur near by maruti 2014-22-08, what are expense to inbuilt for and back power window and music system in SWIFT LDI new model in NAGPUR, mm rathod    Why doesn't this third light turn on? Q. There is only price and features difference between them. In general, its just features and price difference. I am planning to buy a 2008 a diesel model Maruti Suzuki Swift which comes with alloy wheels and has driven up to 75k kms for Rs. 2016-23-04. Is 5W-30 oil appropriate for Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDI? 2016-26-09. Tell Us Where You Live So that we reach out to you better. Is Baleno suitable for people with 6 feet height? 2017-03-11. What is the difference between Swift VDi limited edition and Swift VDi? Also, is it possible to buy the car from Autoportal without insurance? How can I start the car if the keys to my Swift have gotten lost? 2017-24-03. Which engine oil should be used in Maruti Suzuki Swift car? What about Auto Gear Shift system in Swift LXi? 2015-05-05. Is this cost justified? Maruti Suzuki Swift Bs6 LXi v/s VXI comparison real review interior and exterior features and price 2019 Is there any exchange offer going on with Maruti Suzuki Swift? 2018-24-01. What is the specification of tyres come with Maruti Suzuki Swift? What are the added features of the new Maruti Suzuki Swift and its mileage? What is the mileage of Swift VXi and VDi in city driving conditions? The difference is about some features and all. The 3rd free service of my Swift will be due soon. I have an offer for 2009 Swift VXI for 4 Lakhs, Is it worth? What all accessories are included in Swift ZXi? Which out of Maruti Suzuki Swift’s petrol and diesel engine is more powerful and better in terms of performance? The problem with … 2017-28-07. I need quotation regarding Maruti Swift. 2015-04-08. Which car is better between Hyundai i20 and Ford EcoSport? Rear parcel tray Rest check website. What is the seating capacity of the Maruti Suzuki Swift ? After how many Kms does the engine oil needs to be replaced? 2017-15-11. Somansh    ravi Borgaonkar    Is Blue color available in Maruti Swift ZXi? Where can I get the duplicate key (with sensors) for the Swift? What are the symptoms that I should keep an eye for regarding this in the future? What is the engine capacity of Maruti Suzuki Swift? Most of the physical appearance and dimensions are same, except few cosmetic changes. What is the meaning of Swift VXi, ZXi AMT? kunal kapoor    Gowtham    VXI have manu features that are not there in LXI. Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. 2015-02-10. What accessories are included in the Maruti Suzuki Swift? vishnu narayanan    VXi is a higher variant than LXi, hence apart from the features already available on the LXi, it gets many additional features like: central locking, speed sensing door lock, height adjustable driver seat, rear seat headrest, adjustable headrest (front), power windows, electrically adjustable ORVMs, turn indicators on ORVMs, music system, steering mounted controls etc. Sree hari    Since both cars are from the same manufacturer, both are equally good. 2015-24-08. But, the company dealer in Erode has told me that the not a single unit of Maruti Swift LXi (O) has been delivered in my city till date. 2017-09-09. What accessories does Maruti provide in the LXI model of the car? 2017-04-07. 2015-06-01. is it is worthy to speand 1lac more in zxi as compaired vxi model? Is it okay to install a touch screen infotainment system in my old Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI? Automobile Repair & Knowledge 216,684 views 16:00 Ankit mittal    The Swift’s VXI MT variant costs Rs. 2016-15-01. Does Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI have smart steering? 2017-24-07. E.g - Which variant of Swift is best to buy? 2016-22-01. A clutch should become free after 10000 kms, isn't it?

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