Change consulting provides critical support for senior executives and internal change leaders by focusing on the human dynamic to create lasting impact.

Change Leadership Consulting

Why Change Leadership Consulting?

Supporting every major organizational change are the people who actually do the work, the people responsible for leading the change, and the key stakeholders and clients affected by the change. Focusing on the transitions that happen to and within people is a critical predictor of the successful impact of any change. Utilizing our expertise to support organizational change, we put a very specific focus on the people processes and the how of the change.

Drawing upon years of executive leadership experience, Debra often serves as a trusted advisor to top leaders going through a period of profound change. In this hybrid approach balancing coach and consultant roles, she supports leaders at key decision-points in their business.

Opportunities include:

  • Succession planning
  • Team reorganization and structural changes
  • Large scale turnaround projects
  • Merger or acquisition integration

This advising role often extends to partnerships with other key internal leaders supporting change including human resource professionals, communication experts and key operational leads.

People change for their own reasons, not necessarily the reasons that motivated the overall change. You need a rationale, a plan, and engaged hearts and minds.

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