Our Mission: Transforming the world of work—one leader, one team, one organization at a time.

It is people who make or break success

Organizations thrive when leadership focuses on how to achieve results in addition to their products and services. We approach leadership as both a mindset and skillset for those leading a company, their teams, and for individual contributors.

Our passion to support leaders is fueled by our coaching and leadership development expertise in business from start-ups to large corporate enterprises and our drive to partner with leaders who are motivated to make a difference.

Debra Bowles, Connex Leadership, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Debra on why she is drawn to this work:

“The ‘ah-ha’ moments—when leaders truly see their challenges and are inspired to move forward in a new way—these are the moments I am honored to serve as a catalyst for change. Coaching, for me, is a constant reflection of the leader, and my joy and excitement is for the leader’s continued success—however they define it.”