Our Mission: Transforming the world of work—one leader, one team, one organization at a time.

It is people who make or break success

Organizations thrive when leadership focuses on how to achieve results in addition to their products and services. We approach leadership as both a mindset and skillset for those leading a company, their teams, and for individual contributors.

Our passion to support leaders is fueled by our coaching and leadership development expertise in business from start-ups to large corporate enterprises and our drive to partner with leaders who are motivated to make a difference.

Debra Bowles, Connex Leadership, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Debra on why she is drawn to this work:

“The ‘ah-ha’ moments—when leaders truly see their challenges and are inspired to move forward in a new way—these are the moments I am honored to serve as a catalyst for change. Coaching, for me, is a constant reflection of the leader, and my joy and excitement is for the leader’s continued success—however they define it.”


“Debra provided a critical blend of highly strategic as well as day-to-day tactical executive coaching at a time of rapid transformation within a rapidly changing global Fortune 500 organization. She helped me intelligently adapt my leadership style from being a highly entrepreneurial CEO to a constructive partner and contributor to the senior executive team. Our partnership helped me navigate multiple roles and changing responsibilities by adding key elements to my leadership toolkit. I was able to maintain my strengths of innovation and strategic thinking while adding new skills including better individual management, improved one-on-ones and more focused communication and planning. Debra's own past experience working in large organizations was of immense help in supporting my evolution as a leader.”

Rob Wrubel | 
EVP, Apollo Group (2011-2014)

“Our job as leaders is to provide clarity for the people in our organizations. The process we were guided through brought us together as a team and strengthened our individual and collective capacity to create a vision and lead change.”

Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez | 
President/CEO, Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin (2002-2012)

“As a result of coaching, I now move forward with strong clarity of direction, intentional interactions and insight, better life balance and increased optimism. The deep reflection through conversations that matter challenged me to achieve an increased level of leadership effectiveness.”

Stanley Porter |
 Lead Client Service Partner, Board Director, Deloitte LLP (2001-Present)

“When I was promoted to lead a new team, Debra helped support the development of our strategic plan and provided guidance to ensure that we worked together to achieve our goals. We were able to overcome our interpersonal conflicts and build a successful plan.”

Michelle Simpson | SVP, Employer Markets, Blue Shield of California (2014-2016)