Leadership programs are development platforms for all levels of leadership, from individual contributors to those managing teams and cross-functional groups.

Leadership Development Programs

Connex Leadership creates customized Leadership Development Programs in many contexts. From select divisions to company-wide groups and from cross-functional teams of any size to targeted high potentials, our goal is to create a platform for leveraging cultural impact. Our approach provides experiential coach-supported sessions where participants come away with new practiced skill sets to transform their real-life business results.

The Why of Leadership Development

Leadership Development plays a critical role in the human dynamics to achieve an organization’s strategic goals. Key pivot points that can be enhanced with a leadership development program include:

  • Prepare strategically for an expanded growth phase
  • Leverage current human capital to achieve specific goals
  • Empower high-potential leaders for next leadership level
  • Define and enhance cultural norms
  • Create common language and framework for leadership challenges
  • Unify divisions to create aligned working agreements
  • Define and increase employee engagement
  • Provide a valued employee benefit while meeting company-wide strategic goals

The How of Leadership Development Programs

Our customized programs are designed for you and your goals, addressing immediate needs and developing a platform for future growth. Program components may include:

  • Assessment programs with business simulations utilizing professional actors
  • Teaching and practice of core leadership models
  • Immersive team building exercises
  • Facilitated work sessions
  • Small group coaching*
  • Peer support sessions*
  • Learning modules spanning a wide variety of leadership topics*

*Can be delivered virtually or in-person.

Leadership exists at all levels in an organization. It is available to be nurtured and grown within every individual.


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